Efficient energy management to increase your performance.



The energy captured by a photovoltaic or wind installation, as well as the energy obtained from the grid.


The energy is transformed into alternating current.


Stores energy for later use.


Installation information in real-time with our own Management System.

Home virtual battery energy storage with solar panels and electric car charging

How does it work?


Energy consumption from its own production facilities, minimizing the cost of electricity from the Network. The Energy Storage System allows energy to be collected during the optimal generation time (sunlight or wind) to be used later when such generation decreases (at night or in the absence of wind) 

Energy Management System (EMS) software allows you to know the demanded consumption at all times and redistribute it in order to flatten the consumption curve or store it to increase its performance.

Our systems can also be configured to charge batteries from the grid at off-peak times, when rates are most affordable, and discharge them at peak times, when rates are less favorable.

Backup power

The residential backup system protects the home from energy interruptions, especially when combined with a solar photovoltaic system. Whether to back up only essential loads or all appliances, as well as to add a backup to the existing or newly installed photovoltaic system.

iHome-S-HD1H01 Series

All in one and hybrid solution for the residential market. The batteries are built based on a DC/DC converter, which allows greater flexibility and ease in system configuration. It allows you to mix current batteries with batteries that have been replaced with new ones, without affecting their operation.

iHome S HD1H01 Series

iHome-INV-L1H04 Series

Hybrid inverter prepared to integrate photovoltaics, batteries and electrical generators for on-grid and off-grid systems.

Chelion EMS Residential

High voltage three-phase residential energy storage system

Chelion’s residential EMS is a comprehensive intelligent system designed to control variables and meet electrical or financial consumption objectives. A customized power plan will automatically optimize system performance to meet user-defined goals and allocate system resources.

User-defined energy goals and time periods.
Connected to a wide range of existing modules and infrastructure.
Optimized performance by using local and big data.
Intelligent adaptation of the energy profile to identify savings opportunities.
Automatic recommendations to improve longevity and profitability.
Intelligent Management System.

Solutions for domestic use improving energy management and independence

Jorge Espadas

Manager Chelion Iberia

Nuestro CEO para Europa empezó su actividad en el sector fotovoltaico en 2001 desarrollando proyectos de energía renovable en España, Italia, Rumanía, UK, Ecuador, Chile, México, Chile, Turquía, Kenia… cuenta con desarrollos a nivel internacional en proyectos de energía renovable por más de 4 GW. Desde el año 2005 su actividad principal ha sido la inversión y desarrollo de proyectos de energía solar fotovoltaicos en el sur de Europa y estructuración financiera de proyectos por mas de 2 GW. Actualmente mantiene posiciones de dirección en diferentes empresas y es consejero delegado de varios fondos de inversión.

Zhan GAO

CEO Co-Fundador

El Sr. Gao ha trabajado en el sector de las energías renovables durante más de 10 años y ha ocupado varios puestos de liderazgo, incluido un papel de gestión ejecutiva en una empresa mundial de energías renovables de primer nivel. Sus responsabilidades incluyen la gestión del mercado global de ventas, I+D de productos, línea de producción y gestión de la cadena de suministro. El Sr. Gao ha dirigido los ingresos anuales por ventas dentro de su control superando los 1.500 millones de dólares y lidera el liderazgo de equipos internacionales a través de la gestión intercultural.

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