Adapted energy storage models around
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Chelion Renewables Group, a leading provider of products, services and IPP in the field of battery energy storage based in Europe, Asia, Australia and the USA.

In the coming years, the main objective of developed countries is to work on zero emissions impact, taking on the challenge of meeting the objectives of the Paris agreement. To this end, storage takes on a fundamental role in helping companies, generating energy, storing it and managing it more efficiently. Chelion is committed to the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals and has as one of its fundamental pillars the decarbonization of the planet, as well as working for a sustainable future.

Chelion is formed by professionals with extensive knowledge and experience in the renewable energy sector, with proven experience in the construction and development of projects around the world.



Chelion Iberia focuses its activity in Europe.

Chelion Iberia is made up with a staff of more than 30 professionals with extensive experience in the sector. It also has alliances in Turkey and Macedonia.

It offers state-of-the-art storage systems: Hybridization and Stand-Alone, with its own BMS and EMS software. It has an internal engineering department to achieve a full adaptation to specific requirements regardless of the phase of the project. Specialized in EPC projects for C&I, Utility-Scale and RESS with product supply through the distribution channel. Own Technical Assistance Service (TAS) throughout the national territory and a specific training area for clients, to provide technical support for batteries, inverters and EV chargers. Proprietary Management Software (EMS).

Chelion Iberia operates under the Sustainability criteria established by the United Nations General Assembly, maintaining the 17 Sustainable Development Goals in all its projects.


The Company’s projects and operations have as a fundamental pillar the Project Direction and Management methodology, to ensure that all phases of the Project have the principles and domains necessary to conduct it correctly, costs and resources, time management, scope and quality, expectations, satisfaction.


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Presence in 4 continents
Total Megawatts: 3.5 GWn in development



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Jorge Espadas

Manager Chelion Iberia

Nuestro CEO para Europa empezó su actividad en el sector fotovoltaico en 2001 desarrollando proyectos de energía renovable en España, Italia, Rumanía, UK, Ecuador, Chile, México, Chile, Turquía, Kenia… cuenta con desarrollos a nivel internacional en proyectos de energía renovable por más de 4 GW. Desde el año 2005 su actividad principal ha sido la inversión y desarrollo de proyectos de energía solar fotovoltaicos en el sur de Europa y estructuración financiera de proyectos por mas de 2 GW. Actualmente mantiene posiciones de dirección en diferentes empresas y es consejero delegado de varios fondos de inversión.

Zhan GAO

CEO Co-Fundador

El Sr. Gao ha trabajado en el sector de las energías renovables durante más de 10 años y ha ocupado varios puestos de liderazgo, incluido un papel de gestión ejecutiva en una empresa mundial de energías renovables de primer nivel. Sus responsabilidades incluyen la gestión del mercado global de ventas, I+D de productos, línea de producción y gestión de la cadena de suministro. El Sr. Gao ha dirigido los ingresos anuales por ventas dentro de su control superando los 1.500 millones de dólares y lidera el liderazgo de equipos internacionales a través de la gestión intercultural.

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