Scalable and flexible BESS solutions.

Energy storage solutions for a large variety of sectors.

As companies face rising energy costs, battery energy storage systems offer a sustainable and affordable solution to better manage and use electricity and reduce operating expenses. In addition to lowering energy costs, energy storage can also help companies limit their carbon emissions and contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable environment.



Energy storage systems can be used to store excess power generated from solar panels or to provide backup power during grid shortages or emergency situations. There are a variety of energy storage systems available and the right solution for each project will depend on a number of factors, taking into account your needs and goals.


Depending on the project's needs, Chelion provides customized energy storage solutions.

Advantages of energy storage systems

Storage systems are a key aspect for a decarbonized electrical system, based on renewable energies, and are one of the pillars on which the global energy transition is being built.

1. Availability

To be used whenever it is necessary.

2. Savings

Minimizes operation and maintenance costs by preventing other energy sources from coming into operation.

3. Integration

It complements photovoltaic and wind generation by covering the hours when there is no sunlight or wind.

4. Reliability

Energy Management Systems allow you to optimize the installation and energy use.

5. Sustainability

Reduction of the carbon footprint, avoiding high consumption from the grid in large quantitities.

6. Efficiency

Better maintenance of the equipment, providing efficient, safe, constant, and controlled energy thanks to its monitoring systems.

7. Scalability

Modular, compact and scalable system, cabinets and containers, which provide flexibility for any need of increase in power and energy.

8. Simplicity

Easy and fast installation and replacement, personalized assistance through the Management System.



All in One Solution, Outdoor with integrated cooling and fire protection systems. Matrix CAIO is the most suitable product for industrial solutions.



4 battery strings, 2 HVAC sets and a FPS set are integrated into a cabinet to form the MATRIX CA. This 532.4 kWh solution can be expanded to achieve greater capacity for the commercial and industrial market.


Own Technical Assistance Service

The SAT allows us to manage training and service in real time by our own team. Located in Spain, it is accessible to all our Partners to assist them with steps and personalized recommendations.


Customized training to distributors, installers or end users.


Available for visits with training and product exhibition.


Incident management in real time at any time.


Our team is made up of professionals with proven experience.

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Jorge Espadas

Manager Chelion Iberia

Nuestro CEO para Europa empezó su actividad en el sector fotovoltaico en 2001 desarrollando proyectos de energía renovable en España, Italia, Rumanía, UK, Ecuador, Chile, México, Chile, Turquía, Kenia… cuenta con desarrollos a nivel internacional en proyectos de energía renovable por más de 4 GW. Desde el año 2005 su actividad principal ha sido la inversión y desarrollo de proyectos de energía solar fotovoltaicos en el sur de Europa y estructuración financiera de proyectos por mas de 2 GW. Actualmente mantiene posiciones de dirección en diferentes empresas y es consejero delegado de varios fondos de inversión.

Zhan GAO

CEO Co-Fundador

El Sr. Gao ha trabajado en el sector de las energías renovables durante más de 10 años y ha ocupado varios puestos de liderazgo, incluido un papel de gestión ejecutiva en una empresa mundial de energías renovables de primer nivel. Sus responsabilidades incluyen la gestión del mercado global de ventas, I+D de productos, línea de producción y gestión de la cadena de suministro. El Sr. Gao ha dirigido los ingresos anuales por ventas dentro de su control superando los 1.500 millones de dólares y lidera el liderazgo de equipos internacionales a través de la gestión intercultural.

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